Unit Testing stack for C#/Visual Studio

After spending some time on digging through unit testing components, I ran into a setup I am finally happy with. This consists of:

https://github.com/AutoFixture – acts as DI container/object factory, significantly improving unit test maintainability

https://github.com/moq – awesome mocking framework, fully integrated with AutoFixture

https://www.nuget.org/packages/SemanticComparison – excellent utility for comparing instances

https://github.com/shouldly/shouldly – great for simplifying assertion statements

https://github.com/xunit/xunit – superb unit testing framework, supporting parameterized tests, multiple test executions and much more

Although each utility is great on it’s own, when combined together, this stack significantly reduces amount of testing code.

Below I include sample config file with latest versions of all packages.




T-SQL Tricks

Few useful SQL tricks: Move table to different schema

Rename object

Simplest way to restore MSSQL Server database

Here’s a simplest way I found (so far) to restore a database in MS SQL Server. First part lists “logicalnames” from the backup that you want to restore. Modify the path so it points to the actual path where your backup file is:

This shows LogicalName and PhysicalName of the data and log backup […]

How to delete all stored procedures from MSSQL database using cursor

Here is a code for deleting all stored procedures in SQL Server database using cursor.

How to close all connections to a MSSQL database

This script closes all connections to MS SQL database

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